Welcome to the Affluent Network

Affluent is the newest division of Fluent, Inc., a digital marketing company. We offer a performance driven network focused against developing impactful campaigns for advertisers and publishers. Using our ROI-Positive approach, Affluent crafts custom strategies that align with advertiser objectives while ensuring publisher scalability.

Our management team consists of seasoned leaders within the affiliate marketing space backed by Fluent's dedicated business and product resources. We work hard to understand everything about our advertisers and publishers; from overall goals to resource capacity, spending philosophies and cultural differences that set your company apart.

Affluent is committed to constructing one-of-a-kind campaigns for publishers, while delivering superior results for advertisers.

What makes us different?

Our Offers
are Direct

Our Publishers are Innovative

Our Reach is Global


"Fluent is committed to exceeding performance goals, with real time optimization and constant testing they've surpassed every expectation we've given them in record time."

Michael Amsel
Senior Media Director, Quality Health

About Fluent

"Beyond the Banner."

Fluent, Inc. is a digital marketing firm based in New York that specializes in connecting advertisers with consumers.

The AdFlow product line is designed to help web publishers and developers increase revenue by engaging their users with a seamlessly-integrated stream of relevant advertisements from some of the most popular products and services available. Our custom-built platform enables publishers to monetize every spectrum of user activity.

MobFlow, our suite of products optimized for handheld and mobile devices, integrates seamlessly with AdFlow to ensure complete monetization of a publisher or developer's traffic. Unlike other mobile advertising platforms, MobFlows display in a format that is ideally suited for mobile devices, which results in unparalleled levels of monetization.

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